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"Silent Usher" tm 'Church Nursery Paging Systems'
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Silently display a call for help...
or assistance to the church nursery. Call anyone from a large gathering without having to make a verbal announcement or to interrupt a service or presentation. We produce several sizes and models of these LED pagers for use as church nursery pagers. Browse through our site by clicking on the blue headings and see how a "Silent Usher" tm  paging system can work for you.

A 'Silent Usher' church nursery pager being used in a large church. The display in mounted on the white wall above flowers,
       Three digit pager in use.

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3 digit 'Silent Usher' church paging system.
 Three digit systems.
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RPT Electronics
Phone (604) 465-0927

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Wireless version of our church nursery pagers. This uses an inexpensive cordless phone as the transmitter and does not require a connection to the telephone company lines!
 Wireless options.

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